Standard lift tables are designed for up to 8 full load cycles per hour per 8 hour shift, 5 days a week.

In the majority of applications hydraulic lift tables have a long life expectancy if specified correctly to match the application requirements. To maintain peak performance lift tables must receive periodic maintenance and inspection as outlined in the manufacturers Owner’s Manual.

There are applications where lift tables are required to operate at significantly more cycles per hour than normal. It is very important for the longevity of the lift table that the expected duty cycle is discussed with the lift table manufacturer from the onset.

On a lift table equipped with a high cycle package the standard scissor leg bushings are replaced with spherical bearings, the lift cylinder(s) are equipped with spherical bearings both at the cylinder base and at the rod end. The standard upper and lower scissor leg rollers are replaced with precision cam followers. All moving and pivot points are now upgraded for longevity.

The spherical bearings and cam followers are equipped with grease fittings, it is imperative that all points equipped with grease fittings must be lubricated on a regular basis.

In some installations due to obstacles easy access to one or more of the grease fittings can pose a challenge, if not greased regularly the bearing will fail prematurely.

To ensure all pivot points and cam followers receive regular lubrication Pentalift offers an optional Central Grease System. The Central Grease System consists of a manifold(s) located in an easily accessible location equipped with grease lines routed to each lubrication point on the lift table.

Depending on the model of lift table the one or more manifolds are easily accessible to the maintenance personnel encouraging them to regularly lubricate all bearings and cam followers on the lift table.

Depending on the application the hydraulic power unit may also require upgrades to accommodate the high cycle frequency. These modifications may include but not be limited to larger oil reservoirs, oil coolers, high cycle hydraulic valves continuous running motor arrangements.

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