Hydraulic conversion kits are used to convert a structurally sound, mechanically activated dock leveler to full hydraulic operation. If a mechanical dock leveler is to be replaced due to operational problems, there are two approaches that can be investigated. One is to completely remove the existing dock leveler and replace with a hydraulic dock leveler. However if the original dock leveler deck assembly, lip assembly, hinge pins and spools are structurally sound, then a hydraulic conversion kit is a cost effective solution. The conversion kit will return the dock leveler to safe and reliable operation. If the decision is to convert to hydraulic operation, then all of the original mechanical components that raise the deck, extend the lip, and hold the dock in position during loading are removed and discarded. A hydraulic conversion kit consists of a hydraulic lift cylinder, a hydraulic lip cylinder, electric power unit, control station, and all of the brackets required. It typically takes a qualified technician 3 to 4 hours to complete the conversion. After conversion is completed then the power is reconnected and the dock is operational. Hydraulic conversions are available in any single phase or three phase voltage. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for additional information.