The surge in online shopping has created the need for more and more Fulfillment Centers. Fulfillment Centers act as a sortation center processing orders and turning inventory over quickly providing customers with fast order delivery. The increased rate of activity and efficiency at the Fulfillment Centers had placed more focus on loading dock equipment safety and performance than ever.

As new Fulfillment Centers are built Pentalift is often the choice for loading dock equipment as Pentalift offers a complete line of loading dock equipment that is designed with operator safety and product performance as a priority.

Pentalift hydraulic dock levelers are available in many sizes and capacities. At a busy loading dock area Pentalift Roll Off Stop Lip hydraulic dock levelers provide the maximum safety in preventing the lift truck from accidentally driving off the dock to the grade below. See brochure cover and page 6 of link.

Pentalift offers 6 models of vehicle restraints that are designed to serve two functions; securely hold a truck in position during the unloading/loading process and equally as important provide clear visual communication between the loading dock attendants and the truck operator.

At a busy loading dock area conserving rising energy costs is a primary point of focus when the overhead doors are open and the dock equipment is in use. Pentalift offers a wide range of compression style dock seals, drive through dock shelters and inflatable seals and shelters to maximize energy cost savings regardless of the overhead door size.

With the increase in Air Cargo shipments directly to the Fulfillment Centers Pentalift air cargo hydraulic lift table’s c/w caster decks are used more and more to address trailers arriving with ULD containers. ULD’s (Unit Load Device) are transported in Cargo aircraft that have a roller system on the floor of the aircraft. From the aircraft the ULD containers are transferred (manually pushed) to trailers that are also equipped with a roller system on the bed of the trailer.

The trailer arrives at the Fulfillment Center and the ULD container is transferred onto a Pentalift adjustable height hydraulic lift table that is equipped with a caster deck. The ULD is then raised to the height of the stationary floor installed caster deck grid and the ULD container is then off loaded and pushed to the sorting area. this link shows the lift tables installed, floor installed caster deck not in position.

At Fulfillment Centers incoming trailers of palletized product are off loaded with Pentalift loading dock equipment. Incoming trailers with ULD containers are off loaded using Pentalift air cargo hydraulic lift tables equipped with caster decks. Pentalift can address any loading dock requirements at Fulfillment Centers.

For additional information on any Pentalift product please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.