A Pentalift Model PS200 Dock Seal best suits door openings up to 9’ wide x 10’ high and consists of 2 120” high side pads and one 24” drop head curtain x 120” wide as standard. There are 4 designs of head curtains to choose from.

The most popular model is the PS200A adjustable head curtain. The dock attendant has the ability to easily raise and lower the head curtain using a combination of ropes and pulleys. The adjustable head curtain should always be stored in the fully raised position and when the truck is in position the dock attendant lowers the curtain onto the top of the truck. When the truck departs the curtain is raised to the retracted position. This design of head curtain can efficiently seal the door opening regardless of the incoming truck height.  This is a link to the Pentalift PS200A brochure. https://www.pentalift.com/solutions/ps-200a-adjustable-curtain-dock-seals/

The lowest cost is the PS200F fixed head curtain however this design should only be used if the top of  every truck serviced at the loading dock is the same height. As the name suggests this curtain is fixed in position with no height adjustability. If a trailer height is lower than the bottom of the fixed head curtain there will be a gap between the top of the trailer and the fixed head curtain allowing energy loss. If the trailer height is higher than the bottom of the fixed head curtain the curtain can project down into the top of the trailer and could easily be damaged by the top of the lift truck mast assembly during loading.

The Pentaswing head curtain is an option available on either the fixed (PS200FPS) or adjustable head curtain (PS200PS). The recommended operation of an adjustable head curtain is noted above however many installations have the adjustable head curtain “tied off” and always left at the same height. On a higher trailer a section of the curtain can project down into the top opening of the trailer. There are 3 sections to this design of head curtain that are held together with Velcro strips. The section of the head curtain between the 2 side pads has a set of ropes and pulleys. Pulling the ropes breaks the Velcro grip and now pulls the center section of the head curtain back and up out of the way minimizing any potential damage to the head curtain by the top of the lift truck mast assembly during loading. When this center section of the head curtain is lowered the Velcro strips now hold the complete head curtain in place.

The PS200FF foam pad option is a section of covered foam that is 18” high, 4” projection, and is the width between the 2 side pads. This covered foam option is sewn directly to the head curtain. The 4” compression feature provides a better seal against the top of the back of the trailer. This foam pad option is available on the fixed and Pentaswing head curtains.

For additional information on improving the energy efficiency at any loading dock door please contact your Pentalift representative.