The majority of dock lifts are used to load or unload product from varying truck bed heights to grade however dock lifts can also be used to transfer product or equipment between two floor levels within a building.

In this application the dock lift could be equipped with an optional Up Travel limit switch to repetitively shut the platform’s vertical travel off at the exact upper floor level. The Up Travel limit switch eliminates the operator visually attempting to level the dock lift platform to the upper elevation.

If the dock lift platform is visually positioned by the operator, depending on the height variation this height difference could create a bump or jarring effect moving on or off the dock lift platform. This bump or jarring effect could cause product damage, equipment damage and operator discomfort as well the up travel limit switch increases efficiency.  It avoids the operator having to adjust the platform height manually.

Up Travel limit switches can be Factory installed at a predetermined height or shipped loose for on-site fitting and installation.

This link shows a Factory installed Up Travel limit switch

Up Travel limit switches are used on lift table or dock lift applications that require precise repetitive positioning often for product transfer.

It is common for a lift table to be equipped with a section of roller conveyor on the lift table platform. Palletized product rolls onto the lift table platform and is then raised or lowered to another fixed height within the conveyor system and the palletized product is moved off the lift table.

An Up Travel limit switch is used to ensure the conveyor on the adjustable height lift table platform is level with the fixed section of conveyor to provide smooth, level product transfer.

Lift tables are used in automated production lines and limit switches are widely used to signal the location of the lift table platform for product transfer. Lift tables can also be equipped with a Down Travel limit switch to electronically signal that the lift table platform is in the fully lowered position.

Signally the lift table is in the fully lowered position may be an important feature in an automated production line. The signal that the lift table is in the fully lowered position can be used to either prevent or to allow the use another piece of equipment within the automated process.

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