There are 4 – 5 common control stations to choose from to operate a dock lift; the selection is usually based on the application requirements. The most common control station ordered is a hand held pendant with 2 push buttons (up/down) on a 10’ long or longer cord. The same push button can be upgraded to include a coil cord that is 4’ retracted and 20’ extended. The retracted coil cord minimizes the amount of cord potentially lying on the floor and when fully extended provides a good range of access. Dock lifts can also be ordered with a push button control station on a steel post that is installed right on the platform of the dock lift for ease of operation. Other applications call for 2 wall installed control panels, one located at the upper level and the other located at the lower level. Any dock lift installation with 2 sets of controls must have both control stations equipped with an emergency EStop button allowing an operator at either location the ability to stop the lift immediately if required. Please contact your Pentalift sales representative to discuss what type of controls best suits your dock lift application.