As standard all Pentalift hydraulic lift and positioning equipment and dock lifts are provided with NEMA 4 rated hand held 2 button constant pressure controls on 10’ of straight cord. The operator depresses and holds either the Up button or the Down button to change the position of the platform. See Page 4 of the brochure link to see the standard push button control.

A guarded foot pedal control is available and is often ordered as an option on a lift table, this options frees the operators hands to perform other tasks. A push button on a 20’ coil cord is also available; the coil cord is 4’ long when retracted and 20’ long when extended. Key operated controls are available; this option restricts the use of the equipment to authorized personnel only.

Dock lifts can be ordered with the controls on a post that is located on the platform. The controls are available as stationary or removable. Removable controls are often used in an exterior application; when not in use the controls are removed and stored inside the building preventing unauthorized use. See Page 7 of the brochure link to see a number of control options.

Wall mount controls are also available to operate the lift and positioning equipment or dock lifts. All lift tables or dock lifts supplied with 2 sets of controls will automatically include an emergency E Stop button on each controller.

For additional information on Pentalift products please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.