Pentalift dock lifts are equipped with a 60” wide x 18” long one piece hinged checker bridge plate c/w a pull chain on the truck end of the platform as standard. Depending upon the application and the model of dock lift selected the hinged bridge plates are available from 48” wide to 96” wide x 18” long to 42” long.

The most common hinged bridge plates ordered are referred to as split or 2 pc. bridge plates. The bridge plate’s width is split in half making it easier to manually position each section because of the reduced weight. This 2 piece design also provides some lateral compensation when the bridge plates are on the truck bed if the truck bed is not level from side to side.

A bridge plate lift assist spring is available for a one piece or a split, 2 piece bridge plates. An extension spring is incorporated into the bridge plate pull chain(s). As the bridge plate is lowered the extension spring stretches, the effort required to pull the bridge plate back into the vertical position is assisted by the stretched extension spring retracting.

Aluminum checker bridge plates are available in a one piece or split, 2 piece designs. Aluminum bridge plates significantly reduce the manual effort required to raise or lower the bridge plate and are typically used in an application requiring a longer bridge plate. Aluminum bridge plates are substantially more costly than steel.

A hydraulic hinged bridge assist is installed on the dock lift platform and is available for one piece bridge plates only. To raise the bridge plate press the Up button on the 115/1/60 power unit until the bridge plate raises and stores slightly back over center. To lower press the Down button and manually push the bridge plate forward until just over center and gravity will then lower the bridge plate at a controlled rate until in position on the truck bed. View link to see photos and video.

Hydraulic powered one piece bridge plates are available and are typically used on higher capacity dock lifts. A separate hydraulic cylinder is installed in the dock lift platform assembly to operate the bridge plate. As the capacity of the dock lift increases so does the thickness of the hinged bridge plate; a hydraulic powered bridge plate removes all physical effort to raise and lower the bridge plate.

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