Hot dip galvanizing is one of a number of Factory supplied finishes that are available for loading dock equipment.

Hot dip galvanizing is by far the best type of metal coverage for equipment that is used in corrosive or frequent wash down applications. It also serves to extend the product life of equipment that is used outdoors and is exposed to the natural elements.

Hot dip galvanizing is also the most expensive metal coating available. The additional cost is a result of the equipment having to be fabricated, assembled, tested and then broken down into the main sub-assemblies. The sub-assemblies are then sent to an offsite supplier that specializes in the hot dip galvanizing process.

The sub-assemblies are first dipped into an acid solution for cleaning and then dipped into a hot molten zinc bath. Once cooled the sub-assemblies are returned to the manufacturing facility and prepped for reassembly.  There is often additional work and time required to address zinc coating that may have been applied to surfaces for which it negatively affects the assembly process.

Hot dip galvanized increases the manufacturing lead time.  It will add a minimum of 4 weeks to the lead time and can add substantially more than that depending on different factors such as the volume of product to be galvanized and the backlog of work at the galvanizing supplier. Hot dip galvanizing finish is vastly superior to less costly cold spray galvanized finish. Cold spray galvanizing is basically a zinc rich spray on paint finish. The spray on zinc enriched paint finish does not reach and cover all the areas that might be blocked from proper coverage by a sprayed on product.  Due to the hot dip galvanizing being applied with a dipping process in a molten liquid form to coat all areas of the product including those that would not be reached by spray. As well the chemical process causes with the hot dipping achieves much better adherence of the product to the steel. Hot dip galvanizing may cause permanent deflection on some components that is visible. Although structurally not impacted the aesthetics and inconsistency of finish may occur during the hot dip galvanizing process.

Hot dip galvanizing is the best possible coating to prevent corrosion. It substantially prolongs the life expectancy of loading dock equipment from a corrosion stand point. As noted above there are challenges that need to be considered.

For additional information on hot dip galvanizing please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.