Semi portable, fully portable and power driven are the 3 most common portability options available for lift tables. Semi portable models are equipped with 2 load rollers and bearings on one end of the lift table frame and a removable 2 wheeled dolly handle at the other end of the frame. Engaging the dolly handle raises that end of the frame slightly up off the floor transferring the weight to the rollers located on the opposite end of the frame providing portability. The lift table is to be moved only when empty. Fully portable lift tables can be moved empty or with a load on the platform however the platform must be fully lowered during transit. This is the most common portability option and incorporates a structural sub frame and is typically equipped with 2 fixed and 2 swivel casters. Power driven lift tables generally operate on a floor installed steel track system and move back and forth between 2 fixed work stations. A hydraulic drive system is the most common method used to provide powered portability.