Lift tables are used in a number of different applications, the application determines which safety devices are used.

For example, pit installed lift tables require safety protection to prevent a potential shear point as the lift table platform lowers into the pit. These lift tables are provided with beveled toe guards on the platform, the beveled toe guards are slanted inward at an approximate 30-degree angle. This link shows a lift table platform equipped with beveled toe guards.

Lift tables are commonly used as an adjustable height work platform. These lift tables are manufactured with a steel checker plate platform for improved traction. The lift table platform is equipped with 42” high guard rails c/w a mid-rail and 4” high kick plates. Platform access gate(s) are electrically interlocked; the lift table will only operate when the access gate(s) are securely closed. This link shows a lift table with a checker plate platform, guard rails, and an interlocked gate.

For 35+ years Pentalift has been regarded as a leader in promoting lift table operator safety. Please contact your Pentalift Sales Department to discuss your application and the devices available to further ensure safety in the workplace.