When considering a lift table application it is important to ask a number of questions to ensure that the lift table meets with the needs and requirements of the application.

In order to recommend a suitable solution, it is important that the manufacturer /provider of the lift table fully understands the application and the purpose of the lift table.

Listed below are a number of the primary questions to be asked.

1. What is the maximum height the product is to be raised or from what height is the product to be lowered?
2. A description of the load that the lift will be used for.
3. A description of the loading unloading methods.
4. What is the maximum weight to be raised or lowered?
5. What is the ideal platform size?
6. Will the lift table be surface installed, installed into a pre-formed recessed pit or portable?
7. Will the lift table be used indoors or outdoors?
8. Will there be people on the lift table platform?
9. What is the frequency of operation, how many cycles per hour, per day, per week?
10. What electrical power supply is available to operate the lift table?
11. What controls are required to operate the lift table? Push button controls? Foot pedal controls? Automated through the use of a PLC? etc.

Listed are the most common questions to be asked during the initial conversation, often the answers to these questions could lead to follow up questions and recommendations.

For example if the lift table is to be used outdoors maybe there should be consideration given to upgrading the finish coat from the standard spray on enamel paint to a spray on epoxy paint finish as well as the electrical component rating.

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