Mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic dock levelers are available to suit either a pre-formed pit installation or a pour in place installation.

Although the initial cost of a pour in place dock leveler is slightly higher than a dock leveler manufactured for a pre-formed pit there are significant overall building construction cost savings to be gained.

In general terms pour in place dock levelers are manufactured and shipped in a 4 sided steel enclosure; the enclosure covers the 2 sides, the back and the bottom of the dock leveler.

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When the foundation of the building is poured there are “notches” provided in the foundation for the pour in place dock leveler to be offloaded and positioned. A concrete slab is generally in place at each position approximately 20” below finished floor height.

The pour in place dock leveler is off loaded and positioned on the concrete slab, shimmed to level and then lagged into position prior to the final concrete pour. Basically the dock leveler is shipped installed within its own pit.

The alternative is a dock leveler manufactured to suit a pre-formed pit.

A pre-formed pit typically requires plywood for framing, wooden cross bracing for support during the concrete pour, steel pit curb angle to be supplied and screwed to the top perimeter of the plywood framing at the finished floor level and all of the associated labor costs to prepare the pit.

After the concrete has been poured there is additional labor required to remove the plywood framing and labor required to install the dock leveler.

The entire pit forming material costs and the associated labor costs to both prepare and strip the pit plus the dock leveler installation costs far exceeds the initial upcharge of purchasing a pour in place dock leveler over a pit model dock leveler.

The building construction cost savings of a pour in place dock leveler over a pre formed pit dock leveler installation are significant.

For additional information on Pentalift pour in place dock levelers please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.