Pentalift offers a wide range of laminated rubber loading dock bumpers. Loading dock bumpers are typically installed on the face of the building foundation wall with the top of the dock bumper(s) flush to the finished floor height.

When an incoming truck backs up to the loading dock area the dock bumpers are in place to stop the truck in the proper position away from and thereby protecting the building wall.  The forces exerted by the approaching truck are high. The quality of the bumpers is important in addressing these forces.

With the truck in position up against the face of the dock bumpers it is common for the truck bed to move up and down as the truck is being loaded.

This up and down abrasive motion wears on the face of the rubber dock bumper, puts stress on the dock bumpers anchoring lag bolts as well as the building structure. This up and down abrasive motion can also cause early failure of the dock bumpers and the concrete to crack at the lag bolts requiring costly repair.

Steel face laminated rubber dock bumpers still provide the cushioning impact when the truck backs into position. The steel face protection greatly reduces the abrasive stress at the front of the dock bumper and the lags bolts as the truck bed moves/slides up and down during loading.

Steel face laminated rubber dock bumpers are generally well justified in the  extra cost to both protect the building and extend the life time of the loading dock bumpers.

For additional information on loading dock bumpers or any Pentalift products please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.