Self-leveling lift tables are weight sensitive and are most commonly used in a palletizing or de-palletizing application. Self-leveling lift table platforms are typically 48” x 48” and are equipped with a rotating top. In a palletizing application self-leveling lift tables are at rest in the raised position with an empty pallet on the lift table platform.

The lift table is held in the raised position by extended compression springs. As weight is added to the pallet the springs compress and the platform gradually lowers keeping the operators work height at an ergonomically correct position. When the lift table is fully lowered the pallet is full. A lift truck picks up the pallet and starts to raise it,based on the compression spring design as the pallet is lifted the self-leveling lift table automatically raises as well.

When the pallet is lifted above and clear of the platform the lift truck departs. An empty pallet is placed on the platform and the palletizing process begins again. In a de-palletizing application the exact opposite procedure takes place; a fully loaded pallet is positioned on the raised platform by a lift truck and lowered. The self-leveling lift table is now in the fully lowered position with a full pallet, the lift truck departs. As the operator removes productfrom the top of the pallet the lift table automatically raises keeping the operators work height at an ergonomically correct position.

During either the loading or unloading process using the rotating top minimizes operator reaching and stretching. The Pentaloader rotating top is equipped with 4 corner guards to prevent the pallet from being removed before the Pentaloader is in the fully raised position and the spring energy has been released. The Pentaloaders rotating top is rectangular 48” x 48”. Many competitors use a much smaller circular rotating top making it visually more difficult for the lift truck operator to safely position a pallet centered on the rotator.

The Pentaloader is available in 4 models; each model has 4 load settings to suit individual pallet weights. For additional information refer to pentaloader and to assist in modelselection refer to . Contact your local Pentalift Sales Representative for additional information.