Tandem lift tables are designed with 2 or more sets of scissor legs that are positioned end to end with a common frame under a common platform.


Tandem lift tables accommodate longer lift platforms. These lifts are typically used to lift, support and lower longer loads such as lengths of steel or plastic pipe, lengths of lumber or large assemblies during the manufacturing process. The overall length of the platform and the lifting capacity determines the number of legs sets used in the design of tandem lift tables.

Tandem lift tables can also be used as adjustable height work platforms during the assembly of large equipment. Tandem adjustable height work platforms often have a number of people on the same platform performing various steps of the manufacturing process simultaneously. An example would be during the manufacturing process of 53’ long transport trailers.

In these applications tandem lift tables are often equipped with a combination of guard rails, interlocked access gates or access chains, checker plate platform surface for improved traction, push button up and down controls on the platform etc.


Tandem adjustable work height platforms are also often used alongside a moving production line. At different elevations the assembly worker walks at the same pace as the production line adding components or performing inspection procedures along the way. An example would be installing roof racks on a SUV as it moves along the production line.

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