Scissor lift tables are used in a wide range of applications. These applications include improving ergonomics at the work station, high lifts for work platforms or maintenance procedures, high capacity lift tables, portable lift tables to name some of the more common applications.

Lift tables, lift tables with rotating tops and lift tables with tilting tops are proven to be an ergonomic solution to minimize or eliminate repetitive operator bending, stretching or reaching. In addition to the ergonomic benefits that lift tables provide they also increase productivity, employee morale and operator safety. This link features many of the ergonomic related products that we offer.

Lift tables are often used as an adjustable height work platform or man lift in a wide range of production and maintenance applications. Designed to accommodate personnel on the platform these lift tables are commonly equipped with a non-slip checker plate steel platform, guard rails and electrically interlocked access gates. This link shows examples of lift tables used in these applications.

High capacity lift tables ranging from 20,000 lb. to 120,000 lb. capacities are available for use in heavy component fabrication or positioning applications.

Specialty lift tables such as synchronizing multiplelift tables or stainless steel lift tables for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry are also available.

With 35+ years of experience designing and manufacturing lift tables, Pentalift has earned a reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted manufacturer of scissor lift tables. From standard pre-engineered lift tables to custom lift tables designed to suit a specific application Pentalift can be counted on to meet your project objectives. Please contact your Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.