Hydraulic dock levelers offer many advantages over mechanical dock levelers in terms of convenience, efficiency and safety.

Hydraulic dock levelers can handle heavier loads than mechanical dock levelers. Due to the operation of push button controls hydraulic dock leveler platforms and hinged lip assemblies can be structurally heavier than a mechanical version which requires physical interaction to operate the dock leveler.

Hydraulic dock levelers are more ergonomically correct and operator friendly to operate than a mechanical dock leveler. A mechanical dock leveler requires the dock attendant to first pull the release chain mechanism to raise the deck and extend the hinged lip assembly. The dock attendant then walks out onto the raised deck assembly; the weight of the operator forces the deck and lip assembly downward into position on the truck bed.

With a hydraulic dock leveler the dock attendant simply stands beside the dock leveler and depresses the Up button which quietly and efficiently raises the deck assembly and automatically extends the hinged lip assembly. When the deck is fully raised and the lip is fully extended the dock attendant releases the Up button and the deck assembly automatically lowers into position on the truck bed.

Hydraulic dock levelers offer improved safety features such as hydraulic fall safe (velocity fuse) which is a standard safety feature on all hydraulic dock levelers. Hydraulic dock levelers can be interlocked to operate with other loading dock safety products such as vehicle restraints or interlocked to the overhead door to prevent accidental damage to the closed overhead door.

Hydraulic dock levelers do not require the same frequency of maintenance and adjustments that a mechanical dock leveler requires to maintain optimum performance levels over time. Hydraulic dock levelers are typically more durable and have a longer service life than a mechanical dock leveler equivalent.

This link features the models of hydraulic dock levelers available https://www.pentalift.com/solutions/hd-series-hydraulic-dock-leveler/

In summary although hydraulic dock levelers tend to have a higher up-front cost compared to a mechanical model the long term value in terms of durability, safety and operator comfort justifies the choice of a hydraulic dock leveler.

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