Vertical Dock Levelers Improve Safety & Efficiency in Cold Storage and Climate Controlled Food Warehouses

Vertical Dock Levelers store upright. Improves efficiency so overhead door can close down to the floor. Eliminates gap that exists around pit levelers. Reduces exchange of outside air. Cold storage facilities reduce energy loss by using vertical dock levelers.

Pentalift’s vertical dock leveler is designed and built for cleanliness. Temperature is maintained. Convenient push button activation. Proven hydraulic technology. Increase efficiency and safety of loading and unloading. Provides superior performance.

How do Vertical Dock Levelers Improve Safety?

Protect the overhead door from damage: Positioned in front of the overhead door vertical dock levelers protect the door from impact. Saves on costly repairs.

Act as a barrier to prevent falls: Provides a visual cue for drivers. Act as a barrier to prevent fork lift drivers from driving off the dock. Protects workers from injury.

How do Vertical Dock Levelers Improve Efficiency?

Easier cleaning: Access for cleaning is improved. Benefits industries where a clean loading dock is important. Food processing operations are a good example. Choose between individual pit or continuous ledge. An individual pit allows for use of floor space. A continuous ledge is easier to keep clean.

Improve vermin control: Vertical dock leveler stores upright. Improves sealing to reduce rodent entry. Vertical dock levelers stop debris and dust. Reduce air exchange in cold storage. An optional folding curtain seal can close under the pit. Improve building design. Earn LEED credits.

Open truck doors after the truck is parked: Transport truck trailers can leave doors closed with vertical dock levelers. Increase security of truck cargo. Protect cargo from outside elements. Prevent theft. Climate controls product. Save air conditioning costs. Save on heating costs.

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