For many applications, the customer may wish to include some method of enclosing the scissor legs. This is to discourage personnel entry beneath the table and to prevent debris from collecting under the equipment.

The most common customer choice is a set of Accordion Bellows. Accordion Bellows are a steel, reinforced vinyl barrier which expands and contracts with the movement of the table.

Accordion Bellows work well when the travel does not exceed 10ft. Once the lift table needs to travel greater than 120”, the Accordion Bellows become too heavy to support their own weight, and will begin to prematurely tear at the seams and connection points. bellows

When you only need to close in one side, a fairly common alternative to Accordion Bellows is the use of a Roller Curtain. The Roller Curtain cartridge is installed on the frame of the equipment, and the edge of the curtain is installed on the underside of the platform. The Roller Curtain automatically unrolls as the table rises, and re-spools into the cartridge as the table descends.

There can be interference when attempting to use Accordion Bellows and/or Roller Curtains in combination with Bevel Toe Guards and/or Toe Sensor Bars.

Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.