Social media has all but permeated every industry known to man, and is a far cry away from the sole entertainment landscape it was when it first found its way to the Internet scene. That being said, social networking has expanded markedly, and now commands just as many websites tailored to professional versus personal use.

Manufacturing Engineer Groups

LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the best resources for businesspeople to connect, namely because it provides users with a host of unique services designed to enhance the networking experience.

Online groups are one such resource that have grown tremendously in popularity, and are now used by millions each day for business purposes, and LinkedIn far from the only one being utilized. Listed below are the top current groups tailored to manufacturing engineers looking to expand their professional circle.

Social Networking Groups Every Engineer Should Join

    • The Engineering Exchange

With a membership base that has now surpassed the 11,000 mark, this site is full of excellent resources for engineers coming from all types of backgrounds. In addition to featuring content-rich blog posts and videos, there is a section available specifically for connecting with fellow engineers and applying to respective positions. It is a both a great starting point and amazing point of reference for new and seasoned engineers alike.

    • Twitter

Not just for pop culture fans looking to respond to their famous celebrities, the famous, 140-character tweet is an excellent way for manufacturing engineers to stay up-to-date with relevant news and industry-wide information. Given the need for manufacturers to be aware of current design trends, Twitter really is an invaluable resource for engineers across the board.

    • Quora

If you have a question you cannot seem to find the answer to, it is bound to be found on this site. Quora is a community forum that allows individuals to post and respond to inquiries from fellow members. The conversation-style approach makes acquiring the information you need easy and effortless.

    • Open Source

This is not a particular website per se, but rather a subset of sites that serve as an excellent place for attaining additional information. You are probably already familiar with Wiki, but Arduino and CodePlex are arguably better from a social networking standpoint.

    • LinkedIn

We definitely could not leave this one out; if you currently do not have a professional profile, do yourself a favor and get one. Once there, be sure to join the Mechanical Design Engineering group and any other group with influencers from your industry. You’ll be able to not only network with some of the best in the industry, but you’ll be constantly connected with new information and updates happening in the field.

Whether you are trying to find a new job or simply want to grow your professional contact list, there is no easier and better way to do so than via social networking. The above list is an absolute must for every manufacturing engineer.