Dock seals and shelters provide protection for your business structures and inventory, but there are a few things you should know before choosing a dock seal or dock shelter that meets the exact needs of your organization.

Dock Seal Or Dock Shelter

Selecting the right ones and knowing what factors to consider will ensure that your business reaps the protection and benefits they provide.

Understanding Seals and Shelters

Loading dock seals help you create a strong closure when loading a dock. They maintain consistent temperatures and prevent the entry of moisture and debris.

Some materials require specific factors to be in place for successful shipment. Dock seals create an airtight loading environment. They provide the highest level of protection for sensitive loads and prevent undue damage to materials and equipment.

Choosing the Right One

Loading docks vary significantly. Therefore, you need to choose the best seal or shelter for your specific needs. There won’t be a one-size-fits-all solution.

Thankfully, there are many models available to meet a variety of businesses and industries. You can select from a wide range that includes compression seals, inflatable seals, and hybrid models.

Loading docks can be unpredictable environments, so you need to choose the right seal that gives you the reliability and flexibility to address any shipment issues.

Factors to Consider

Dock seals and shelters must be chosen based on different factors that pertain to your business.

Some loading vehicles use trailers that consist of hinged doors. This increases the amount of air that can penetrate through the gaps created by the hinges.

Using an inflatable or compression seal eliminates this issue and creates a more secure loading environment. Curtain dock seals and fixed dock seals may also be used to prevent unwanted airflow.

Some loads require a specific climate for a successful transport. These can include pharmaceutical and food products. Inflatable and compression shelters are ideal for these materials and prevent unwanted changes in the ambient temperature. Additionally, airframe inflatable shelters can also be a good choice to meet changing demands and provides a cost-effective solution when working with different types of loading equipment.

Knowing these key factors before choosing a dock seal or dock shelter will ensure that you have the right loading equipment for your business needs. Seals and shelters can help control the loading environment and accommodate a wide range of needs for your business.