Pentalift manufactures an extensive line of industrial scissor lifts including ergonomic work positioners, conventional size and capacity lift tables, lift tables for high cycle, high capacity, and high lift applications. In addition, Pentalift also manufactures tilters, rotators, and a wide range of custom positioning equipment.

The best investment to extend the lifetime of the equipment and to avoid costly breakdowns and production interruptions are to implement a scheduled maintenance program when the equipment is installed and operational.

The maintenance program should include but not be limited to:

Proper cleaning of the equipment and if it is pit installed cleanout of the pit.

In-depth visual inspection that includes leg rollers, bushings, cylinders, pins, hydraulic hoses, electrical connections, weldments, etc.

Repair or replacement of any parts for which this is required.

Lubrication as described in the owner’s manual

All routine maintenance programs should only be performed by qualified personnel and follow the guidelines outlined in the Owner’s Manual provided with the equipment.

In addition to maintaining peak performance, regular inspection and lubrication will extend the lifetime of the equipment saving replacement cost due to premature wear.

Regular inspection will also alert the technician of what should be a scheduled repair in the near future. Recognizing the need for an upcoming repair provides the time to order any replacement parts and pre-schedule the equipment downtime required to complete the repair. This approach to maintaining equipment is far more efficient and productive than dealing with a repair on a breakdown basis.

When servicing or repairing equipment it is strongly recommended to use only Pentalift OEM replacement parts to maintain product performance and to ensure the safety of equipment operation.

For additional information or assistance on any product please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.