When considering ergonomics in the workplace, custom design lift tables play a big role in not only reducing worker fatigue and the risk of injury, but also making the job easier to increase productivity and improve the bottom line.

Using ergonomic equipment to boost productivity is more important than ever before, and fortunately, the ways to achieve this have also become much easier. There are different types of lift tables that offer a range of benefits to suit your unique needs, including:

Standard Lift Tables

There are hundreds of applications for lift tables in industrial facilities – manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, including product assembly, machine feeding/offloading, feeding/offloading conveyors, inspection/quality control, and bridging different conveyor levels.

Lift tables also come in different designs to address various application needs, such as:

  • Pneumatic lift tables – for applications with “shop air”
  • Backsaver lite compact – characterised by a small footprint with a 36-inch lifting height
  • Spacesaver lifts – that offer extended vertical travel
  • Tandem lifts – characterised by extra long and wide platforms to handle jobs with extreme load dimensions

These lift systems are beneficial in that these items boost productivity by offering easier and safer positioning of the work, as opposed to having worker constantly repositioning their torsos. Also, this reduces the need for workers to be constantly reaching, bending, and lifting to adjust the equipment and work within its range of motion. Also, these various lift options also enhance the quality of certain applications.

Floor height lift tables

These are specialty lift tables that require interface with pallet jacks, floor trucks, carts, and other floor height transporters, and are particularly useful where facility conditions do not permit pit mounting of conventional lift tables.

There are different floor height lift table designs to accommodate different types of transporters and applications. They provide all the benefits of vertical lifting and positioning to improve worker productivity, and also promote work environment safety and efficiency by enabling one person to perform tasks that would usually require two.

Portable lifts

These lifts can be used in virtually every work environment, from offices and shops to plants and warehouses to stockrooms, provided there is a need to transport supplies, materials, and equipment from place to place. Portable lifts include powered dandies for powered lifting in a clean, compact unit; dandy lifter/transporter with foot pump to adjust load height; stack-n-go powered stackers for use in fork or straddle configurations; and pallet stackers and transporters to allow lifting, positioning, and transport all at once.

Employees and workers often risk injury by carrying loads from one point to another, or from lifting items from the floor to a shelf or workbench. Lifter/transporters ensure an absolute minimum of lifting and help make the job faster and safer. Generally, fatigue is reduced, employees are more productive, and the risk of injury is minimised.

Although the cost of acquiring your preferred custom design lift table may be a little high, ergonomic equipment are designed to make the job safer, easier, and faster, so it will pay for itself.