Vertical dock levelers are hydraulic in operation and offer a complete seal when stored in their upright position. This storage option also allows for the overhead doors to close completely, sealing in the conditioned air. Vertical levelers are an excellent choice in food warehousing or in a cold storage facility where the clean pit design offers a sanitary solution and also reduces the possibility of vermin entry. Unlike conventional pit type levelers which require the truck to stop10 ft short of the loading dock bumpers, open the doors, then continue backing in, the vertical storing dock leveler allows the truck to back in completely (without stopping) before opening the trailer door(s). This helps prevent theft/tampering with product outside of the facility before unloading, as well as helping to protect against the possibility of the truck load shifting and spilling from the stop and restart approach, with the trailer doors open. The vertical leveler eliminates forklift damage to overhead doors by storing vertically in front of the overhead door while creating a barrier to prevent forklifts from falling off the loading dock. Pentalift offers two series of hydraulic vertical storing dock levelers.