PSI-150 Fixed Head Inflatable Dock Seal

The PSI-I50 Fixed Header Inflatable dock seal is best suited for use on doors up to 8' wide X 8' high.

PSI-250 Adjustable Curtain Inflatable Dock Seals

The PSI-250 Adjustable Curtain Inflatable dock seal shares all of the characteristics of the Model PSI-150 with the added benefit of an adjustable head curtain.

PSI-350AA Adjustable Header Inflatable Dock Seals

The PSI-350AA Adjustable Header Inflatable dock seal is the ideal solution for sealing door openings up to 8' wide X 11' high servicing truck/trailers of variable heights.

PSI-450 Rigid Inflatable Dock Shelters

The PSI-450 Rigid Inflatable dock shelter is the ideal choice to allow complete, unobstructed access to the rear of a truck/trailer for easier loading/unloading.