Since this retail company arrived in the US over 20 years ago they have been relying on Pentalift to provide them with Loading Dock Equipment that meets their demanding application and safety needs. This installation at their newest West Coast distributing facility features 10’ long Dock Levelers. The longer 10ft Dock Levelers, accommodate the higher trailer beds of the overseas containers that arrive at the Retailer’s Loading Docks. The longer decks decrease the grade of the Dock Leveler. The decreased grade reduces the forces exerted on the Dock Levelers which increases the structural life. The reduced grade also provides a safer working range for the fork truck drivers as well as reducing maintenance on the Fork Lift Trucks due to diminished wear and tear on brakes and transmissions.

The Inflatable Truck Shelters are interlocked with the Loading Dock Doors. Once the Loading Dock Door is opened, the Truck Shelter automatically inflates. Once the Loading Dock Door is closed, the Truck Shelter automatically retracts. The Inflatable Truck Shelter seals on the sides and top of the trailers reducing the potential for rain to run off the trailer top onto the dock. The rain run off would create an unsafe condition for the dock attendants. Over the years this Retailer has experienced the proven reliability and performance they get with Pentalift Loading Dock Equipment.

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