In order to achieve the ultimate in safety at their new loading dock, this Midwestern Printing Company decided to upgrade their new addition with a complete Pentalift Loading Dock Safety Solution. The installation has 10 dock doors. The safety system equipment featured in this installation is the Pentalift HD Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler, Ultrahook UHR40 vehicle restraint, and the PS470 Dock Shelter.
The Pentalift Hydraulic Dock leveler provides superior safety coupled with low maintenance benefits. The Ultrahook UHR40 is the ultimate in safety design, mounted under the dock leveler for easy snow removal and to reduce the maintenance that is associated with face of wall mount restraints. The Ultrahook is designed to minimize the likelihood of costly accidents caused by trailer creep and unscheduled truck departure. The PS470 Dock Shelter protects the dock from weather and reduces energy cost. This complete installation is interlocked incorporating a Master control panel (shown below). Interlocking the Master control panel forces a procedural process that ensures safety at the loading dock.

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