The VA Hospital needed to refurbish and expand their existing facility. The facility was built many years ago. The age of the facility created issues with short approaches to the docks, low dock heights, small door openings, and low roof heights. To modernize the loading docks and to improve the safety of the loading / unloading process the VA selected Pentalift and the local distributor to assist them in designing the loading dock configuration. Hydraulic dock levelers were selected to meet the important requirements of low maintenance and ease of operation. Low dock heights required the provision of a range of dock leveler lengths from 8’ long to 12’ long. In order to address the safety issues Pentalift’s roll off stop lip dock levelers were selected.

The roll off stop dock leveler is designed to protect the fork truck driver from accidently driving off the loading dock, preventing serious injury to the driver and damage to the fork lift. After evaluating the truck types and sizes it was determined that Pentalift’s Ultima Shelter would be the best product for sealing the truck / trailer against the building and providing energy savings. As a result the VA has a safe and modern loading dock that has been specifically designed to meet their needs.

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