A Pentalift distributor working with one of their local contractors renovated an existing building transforming it to a warehouse for an event planning contractor. The warehouse contains equipment and materials used in event design and staging. The initial scope of the project included 10 Pentalift model MD6835 mechanical dock levelers and 10 sets of Pentalift model PS200PS dock seals. Based upon the initial success, the renovation expanded. The second half of the project was a cross dock operation which included the installation of an additional 16 Pentalift model MD6835 mechanical dock levelers and 16 Pentalift model PS200PS vinyl Dock Seals. The design and performance of the first 10 mechanical dock levelers and dock seals as well as the full service provided by the local Pentalift distributor were pivotal factors used in selecting Pentalift products for the second phase of the project.

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