A nationally recognized company was planning a new entertainment facility in the Midwest, and after comparing product lines, contacted Pentalift’s local dealer to assist with the design of a safe and efficient loading dock.

The customer’s requirements included accommodating a wide variety of trucks and trailers from courier to over-the-road models via two dock positions. In order to fulfill this request it was determined that a dock lift alongside an edge of dock leveler would satisfy all of their needs. Dock seals were also suggested for both openings; offering the customer a tighter seal between the trailer and the loading dock area.

The model HED pit mounted dock lift (pictured to the right in the photo) with a 10,000lb lifting capacity and a 7’ x 8’ platform was chosen to meet the flexibility of loading and unloading the various trailer sizes at the facility. Longer than standard bridge plates built from aluminum were custom designed for the unit, making it easier and safer for the dock attendants to operate. The dock lift was installed inside the building, just behind the foundation wall, allowing for aesthetics and energy savings; as the overhead door offers a complete seal when closed. [more]

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