When a Southwest University needed an efficient and safe method to lift their sculptures into the kiln area they selected Pentalift’s LPE low profile elevating dock lift. The LPE elevating dock lift is designed to be surface mounted and has a fully lowered height of six inches when in the stored position. Sculptures arriving at the University’s receiving area are carefully placed onto a cart and rolled up the LPE’s hinged ramps onto the deck. Then, the elevating dock lift is raised to dock level so that the sculptures can be brought to the kiln area. Since the sculptures are fragile the University selected Pentalift’s smooth deck and lip option.
This option allows the cart that the sculptures are carried on to be rolled onto the elevating dock lift without creating any vibration. This is an important requirement when handling sculptures. The LPE’s back frame is mechanically fastened to the ground by cradles. Steel wear plates were mounted under the front rollers to protect the concrete from wear. The elevating dock lift is outfitted with optional trip bars around the perimeter of the deck. This feature stops the downward travel of the elevating dock lift should anyone or anything come into contact with the underside of the trip bars.

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