A National Bank in Western PA required a loading dock design that would provide them with the potential to load and unload a wide range of trailers at their new office expansion. Since they receive vehicles like tractor trailers, van trailers, pickup trucks, cars, mail and armor trucks they needed the flexibility to service them all in a safe and efficient manner. In order to achieve this goal they selected Pentalift’s Series HD Hydraulic Dock Levelers which provided their dock attendants with push button operation for safe and easy loading of the larger tractor trailers that arrive at their docks.

To protect against accidents associated with trailer creep and or to help prevent accidents associated with unscheduled truck departure they installed Pentalift’s Series HFR32 Vehicle Restraints with a light communication systems which was interlocked with their dock levelers to create a safe loading process. Finally to give them the ultimate flexibility to service every type of vehicle that arrives at their dock they installed a Pentalift Dock Lift which is capable of lifting 5000lbs up 59” from ground level. This lift allows the dock attendant to move the load up and down so that it can be positioned at the right height to load or unload into any vehicle in a safe manner. This combination of equipment provided their dock attendants with the safest most efficient dock design available.

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