A local Michigan Auto Parts Company was forced into a costly situation when they began to receive a new product line to their warehouse. The new product line required the shipment to be received in a low boy truck (a truck that’s floor is lower to the ground) rather then the conventional truck that was previously used for delivery. This in turn posed the problem of lifting the low boy truck up in order to accommodate the existing height of the dock. With only one existing loading dock already in place they had the option of either adding a completely new dock to the building or installing a piece of equipment that could accommodate the low boy truck which they were soon to receive. After analyzing the cost and benefits of both options it was decided that this company would be able to spend a third of the cost of building a new dock by installing a complete Pentalift Loading Dock System.

The Pentalift equipment that was installed included a Truck Leveler, Hydraulic Dock Leveler, HFR32 Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint, and a PSI450 Inflatable Seal. The combination of this equipment allowed for the low boy truck to be lifted by the Hydraulically Activated Truck Leveler to be level with the existing dock height while engaged to the vehicle restraint for added safety. The Dock Leveler then provided a smooth bridge for goods to be moved from the rear of the truck to the warehouse, and the Inflatable Seal provided a weather seal to eliminate snow and severe weather condition from entering the facility.

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