A Pentalift distributor was invited to participate in the design and construction of the loading dock area of a multibillion dollar aluminum production complex. The fully integrated facility consists of a bauxite mine, aluminum refinery and rolling mill. The dock levelers selected for this project are Pentalift high capacity roll-off stop hydraulic dock levelers. The featured 8″ high roll-off stop lip is hydraulically operated and is designed to prevent a lift truck from accidentally driving off the parked/closed dock leveler to the ground below. Designing a high capacity dock leveler that will withstand industries high loads and frequency of operation is a complete front to back process. Starting with the rear frame channel, deck assembly, deck plate, deck beams, lip hinge spools, lip shaft and lip plate all of the structural components are design engineered in concert with each other to provide the maximum in strength and longevity. The 4 lip keepers on the lower front frame assure there is sufficient strength to support the lip assembly in the closed/parked position during a cross traffic roll over. To illustrate the diameter of the lip hinge spools, lip shaft and lip thickness an internationally recognized aluminum soda can is included in the photograph as a point of reference.

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