A company specializing in vacuum heat treating contacted Pentalift looking for a solution to increase their efficiencies when loading a furnace. The furnace is a 36’ long car bottom design, the transfer car is loaded outside the furnace and once loaded is moved into position.

The product for the furnace is stacked on the transfer car, the lift tables serve as work platforms elevating the production team as the product is stacked, and lowers them as the product is removed after heat treating. There is a pre-existing obstruction on both sides of the transfer car frame which prevents the lift tables from being installed adjacent to the car. Because of this, Pentalift designed the lift tables to raise – and once the obstruction is cleared – a sliding deck extended close to the car to allow for easy loading.

The installation consists of a 12’ long 10,000 lb capacity and a 24’ long 20,000 lb capacity lift table on either side of the transfer cart. The lift tables all provide 5’ of lift; all platforms are equipped with control stations, shelving, high visibility guard rails and access chains.

Mike Earle

Sliding top lift table

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