With everything that can occur at the loading dock, weather is arguably one of the most dangerous and costly. Dock seals and shelters protect your investment, your energy costs and your employees from inclement weather.

As a warehouse, plant, safety or operations manager with a loading dock in your facility, the number one item on your list should be safety; protecting your employees and any other personnel that might find themselves in your loading dock area. That’s where dock seals and shelters come into play. By securing a seal between the trailer and the overhead door, this product offers the ability to keep rain, snow and sleet out of the loading dock area. This, in turn, lowers the risk of employee accidents caused by slipping.

Secondly, much of the cost of doing business can be attributed to energy loss at the loading dock. With anywhere from one to one hundred open overhead doors in a facility at any given time, you can imagine the loss of conditioned air as trailers are parked for loading and unloading. Dock seals and shelters contribute to saving energy by sealing the spaces between the truck trailer and the overhead door. This lowers the loss of conditioned air, and saves your company money.

Thirdly, weather is also responsible for damaging goods within your warehouse when a truck is backed into the loading dock. Rain can blow in and weaken a product’s container, and when moved to be loaded, the container can disintegrate, causing the product to spill out, and breakage to occur. Or if electronics are being distributed, the components could get wet, damaging the product directly. With a seal or shelter this possibility is drastically reduced, keeping blowing rain and debris outside of your loading dock interior.

It becomes very obvious once the dock seal or shelter is installed just how many ways this versatile product can improve the safety of employees while protecting your investment, and how it improves your bottom line.

When considering a dock seal or shelter for your facility, consider an inflatable seal.

Pentalift dock seal or shelter

 Mike Earle

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