hydraulic-liftThe advent of custom hydraulic lift solutions has drastically reduced the risk of injury across a variety of industrial and commercial facilities. The versatility of hydraulic lifting equipment has allowed many operators to perform tasks that would otherwise be considered too difficult or too dangerous for a worker to perform on their own. Custom hydraulic lift solutions can be configured to meet the specifications, requirements, and expectations of each client.

Every industry has its own working conditions and regulations, which can then vary within every individual organization. It is imperative that only the best lifting solutions are implemented in order to increase productivity while focusing on providing operators and other employees with the safest possible working environment. When a hydraulic lift is customized to meet a particular set of parameters and features, the results are impressive:

  • Operators who work with custom hydraulic lift equipment have a reduced risk of injury since the hydraulic lift is so designed to meet their needs perfectly. When compared to a pre-engineered solution, a custom solution can more closely match the exact requirements of the worker and is more ergonomically correct.
  • The risk of injuring other warehouse workers is also diminished as the custom lifting equipment has the necessary safety mechanisms to prevent injury and damages. When the hydraulic lift manufacturer and the client work together, they can easily identify any safety precautions or concerns that are unique to their specific industry, warehouse, or methods of operation. As a result, the hydraulic lift can be equipped with the right devices to enhance safe operation for all parties involved.
  • The greatest risk when it comes to lifting solutions is often related to the dangers posed by unstable loads. This can sometimes happen with lifting equipment that does not take into account your specific working conditions and lifting requirements. A custom hydraulic lift solution will be so configured that it reflects your exact lifting needs, taking the guesswork out of the equation and making for more stable loads.

The factors that will determine the perfect configuration of your hydraulic lift solution can vary quite a lot depending on the characteristics and nature of each type of lifting equipment. The best way for you to reduce the risk of injury is to communicate with your lift equipment manufacturer and work together to configure the best possible hydraulic lift solution for your specific needs, expectations, requirements, and budget.

Although productivity is essential for the success of any business, you have to remember that safety is paramount when it comes to hydraulic lift equipment. Although hydraulic solutions help reduce the risk of injury, not all equipment is created equal.  Make sure you choose a solution that will balance your productivity needs with your safety concerns. Pentalift can manufacture custom lift equipment and positioning equipment for your specialized applications. Contact us today to learn more about our ergonomic and safe warehouse equipment solutions.

Mike Earle

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