Rainstop RS800 helps make the rain go away!

Had enough of the rainy season? Feel like you need to build an arc?! Dock seals are not enough. Improve dock safety and worker morale. Provide shelter from the rain. Typical docks have a slight decline approach. When rain water hits the top of the trailer it runs back in the building. This causes product damage and slippery, unsafe conditions on your loading dock. The Rainstop uses a stiffly sprung five and a half inch foam filled header curtain. This creates a positive rainstop seal on top of the trailer. The Rainstop diverts water from the top of the trailer and away from your building. The Rainstop can be ordered separate for existing applications or with a new dock seal.

Rainstop Design Features

Designed to fit over existing dock seal head pads for retrofit applications. Rain water that would normally run into the facility is diverted to the sides of the trailer.  Oversized foam head curtain, reinforced with stays creates a positive seal on the top of the trailer roof.

Standard Features:

  • 5″ thick header pad reinforced with stays
  • Enviro-Green foam design scores LEED Certification credits
  • Standard 29” high curtain
  • Head frame draft curtains
  • 40 oz vinyl cover material
  • Galvanized fasteners and hardware maintains building aesthetics
  • Pressure treated wood construction
  • Single base cover fabric
  • Raked head frame with translucent cover panels
  • Aluminum trim

Rainstop Options and Considerations:

  • Wear pleats on face of the curtain provides added protection against wear
  • Double layer material on impact surface area
  • Extra drop on curtain to accommodate lower trucks
  • Projection is 18″ past dock seal
  • An unobstructed, smooth mounting surface is required
  • Mounting surface must have sufficient strength for the loads that will be created


PDF_Rain Stop Dock Seal


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