The Fork Truck Maintenance Lift is not a scissor lift, and therefore is different than most equipment offered by Pentalift’s Lift Table division. It is installed directly on the floor, and does not require that a pit be dug. The FTML’s hydraulic system raises the fork truck, and a ratchet and pawl mechanism builds in safety redundancy to absolutely ensure personnel safety as they access under the fork truck and perform any required maintenance. The FTML can lift fork trucks that weigh up to 20,000lbs, and that are up to 60” wide.
To raise the lift, depress and hold the up button until the FTML raised the fork truck to a comfortable working height. Press the lock button. The lift will lower onto the safety ratchet and pawl system. The red safety zone on the pawl will not be visible, indicating that it is safe to work under the lift. To lower the lift, depress and hold the down button. The lift will raise slightly. The safety ratchet and pawl system will disengage, and the lift will lower.
Click here to browse the FTML Brochure, or click here to view the FTML Video. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.