Looking for a safe efficient green solution to palletizing? Pentaloader is the solution!

Pentaloader a green solution to palletizing – the spring cam arrangement facilitates the automatic adjustment to the ergonomically correct height as the weight of the load changes. The Pentaloader’s operation is accomplished without connection to a power source such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic. This translates the Pentaloader to a green solution to palletizing from an environmental standpoint. This “green” designation in combination with all the safety and efficiency benefits translate to a modern palletizing device that is unsurpassed in value and environmental benefits.

Pentaloader a green solution to palletizing

The Pentaloader is a unique product due to the engineering behind its compression spring operating mechanism. The load handling capacity of the Pentaloader a green solution to palletizing is easily adjusted to suit the application. The operator simply inserts or removes a U pin to engage or disengage up to three of the five springs in the Pentaloader’s spring pack. Other designs typically require the complete removal or addition of springs for load adjustment; changes which add cost due to longer setups and lost time. The design is patented. The Pentaloader does not operate using compressed and contained air. Air operation systems are prone to leakage and require regular refilling for load adjustment and if the air bag is punctured the competitors unit will instantly drop. The Pentalift Pentaloader a green solution to palletizing makes the job easier, safer and more efficient by automatically maintaining the height of the pallet at an proper ergonomic height. The top facilitates 360 degree rotation of the pallet to minimize reaching and stretching. With options like accordion bellows, brakes and semiportability contact your Pentalift Sales Professional today for information.

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Pentaloader a green solution to palletizing

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