Dock lifts that raise or lower lift trucks should always be ordered with a hydraulic pop up chock to increase safety at the loading dock area. Pentalift’s hydraulic operated pop up chock forms a protective barrier to prevent the lift truck from driving off the elevated dock lift platform to the floor level. The operation of the hydraulic pop up chock is both automatic and effective. With the dock lift in the lowered position the pop up chock is flush to the floor level, the lift truck is driven onto the dock lift. When the operator activates the dock lift to raise, the pop up chock is hydraulically driven into the vertical position before the dock lift platform begins to raise. Only when the pop up chock is in position will the dock lift raise. As the fork lift backs off the trailer onto the dock lift the pop up chock acts as a safety barrier to prevent the lift truck from accidentally driving off the dock lift due to either lift truck mechanical failure or weather conditions. Only when the dock lift is fully lowered does the automatic pop up chock retract flush to the floor position allowing the lift truck to leave the platform safely.

Mike Earle