No Low Lift Tables

No low lift tables are hydraulic scissor lift tables that permit floor level access. Allows easy entry by pallet trucks and other material handling equipment. Capacities are available in a range from 2,500 to 6,000 lb. No Low Lift Tables are designed to accommodate dimensions of pallets and racks used in various industries. Platform sizes available from 44” x 48” to 50” x 54”.  Front approach edge of the platform is beveled to make the loading/unloading of the table easy. Pentalift No Low Lift Tables have a travel height of 35”.

No Low Lift Table

A No Low table lifts the load into the correct ergonomic range for the worker. Pentalift No Low Lift Tables are ruggedly built to perform reliably in most any industrial setting. By reducing bending No Low Lift Tables improve efficiency of manufacturing, machining and processing operations.

No Low Lift Table Design

When the lift table is in fully lowered position, the vertical distance from the top surface of the lift table to the grade can be 3/8”, ½”, ¾”. The No Low Lift Table can be used in a traffic situation that is drive through or a drive on and drive off. Accordion bellows, mezzanine lip, photo eye, guarded foot pedal and other custom sizes are also available options.

Case Study: 

A testing company contacted Pentalift with an application for their mine minerals analysis process. During testing a core sample is raised to the test bench height and tilted to assist with placement. The 90° tile No Low Lift Table design permits the core samples to be positioned on the lift table platform using a 2 wheel cart or a manual pallet truck, no pit is required. Check out the full details here No_Low_Lift_and_90_Degree_Tilt_Lift_TableNo Low Lift Table

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