Mechanical Engineering is a rewarding occupation, but it is not without its risks. Injuries occur, but the reason why they occur is often for a variety of causes that are within the control of personnel. Neglect on the part of staff and management are a large factor in a number of workplace injuries. Other times it is due to human error. Also, for mechanical engineers, equipment might malfunction or be improperly stored or handled thus increasing the risk of injury.

Injury Of Mechanical Engineer

Neglecting Safety Rules

In the hope of doing things faster and more efficiently, engineers often take shortcuts. These shortcuts might get things done more quickly but they also pose greater risks which will only prove costly in the long run.

Stress, distractions and fatigue

Engineers may be smart but they are still human. They have bad days, they get tired and they get distracted. All of these things can contribute to neglecting safety procedures and so injuries occur. Warehouse and factory environments can be particularly stressful, and very often staff are stretched while under pressure to meet deadlines and quotas. This can be a recipe for accidents as personnel can easily neglect safety protocol under such conditions.


Familiarity with a routine and environment can cause employees to be overconfident in their ability to perform a job with minimal risk. Even if you have gone somewhere or done something over and over again, it does not mean that you are not capable of making a mistake or being hurt. Repetition can lead to neglect, and staff must be conscious of what they are doing even if they have done it many times.

Improper Housekeeping

There might be poor housekeeping or none at all in a workplace. If an area is not kept up properly it can lead to various problems. Machinery also needs to be properly maintained and stored as malfunctioning equipment can also be potentially dangerous.

Hazardous Materials

Poor handling of hazardous materials is another cause of workplace injury. Engineers may not recognise certain symbols and endanger themselves by touching something without the right gear. Staff should be familiarised with the symbols for various chemicals and only trained personnel should handle hazardous equipment.

Improper Lifting

Engineers and other staff may have to move equipment around or transfer it somewhere else. If the proper lifting technique is not used when lifting heavy equipment then injuries can easily occur. Additionally, poor communication and coordination when lifting can also cause workplace injuries.

Most, if not all, injuries are preventable in these environments. Ensure that your staff is always alert, aware, and up-to-date on all necessary safety procedures and precautions that are present in your warehouse.