In a busy warehouse, there is no room for error. In order to reduce error, companies rely on warehouse management systems (WMS). When choosing the right WMS for your warehouse, it’s important not to make the following mistakes. These mistakes are costly and can threaten the safety of your employees.

Mistakes People Make When Choosing Warehouse Management Systems

Not doing your due-diligence

Before choosing a WMS, do your homework. Research different manufacturers and ask questions. Remember that you will be using the system and it has to make sense for your business. You are looking for a ROI on the entire system not on certain parts of it. Ensure that you perform a thorough analysis before making a choice. Watch out for demo software too. Do not get swayed by the over-the-top presentation of demos. The salesperson is doing their job and their job is to sell you on their system. If there’s even one component of the WMS demo that you don’t like, don’t be afraid to point that out.

Forgetting that your business lives in the moment

In order to thrive, your warehouse needs to be up and running now. By putting off until tomorrow what you are lacking today, you are risking choosing a WMS that isn’t right. Many people choose systems that they think will help them tomorrow. You need to pick a WMS that will help you today. Furthermore, you need a system that will easily integrate with your current warehouse structure. Unless you are planning on updating your entire warehouse tomorrow, pick with the system that you need right now and not one you may possibly need years down the line.

There is no one-size-fits-all system

When it comes to warehouse management systems, stay away from generic, one-size-fits-all models. You need a system you can customize with features that suit your business. If you do choose a generic system, you will end up spending more down the line on upgrades. Always opt for a customized solution because they are created from scratch and tested on-site as opposed to purpose-built solutions that are taken from a library of proven features. Sure, there are some proven features that overlap from business to business, but it’s always best to choose the custom WMS so you can get exactly what you need.

A fully-integrated warehouse management system allows your business to run smoothly. As long as you don’t make any of the aforementioned mistakes when choosing a system, you’ll be just fine.