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MFRAL32 Vehicle Restraints

The MFRAL32 mechanical vehicle restraint provides the combination of a cost effective vehicle restraint with a complete communication system. The MFRAL32 offers a rugged structural design, 32,000 lb restraining capacity and a high visibility two way communication system providing clear communication between the dock attendant and the truck driver. The MFRAL utilizes a NEMA 6 watertight and corrosive duty limit switch to automatically switch the communication lights (inside lights and outside lights) when the restraint is released to the engaged position.

The restraint is designed to provide automatic vertical compensation to accommodate the movement of the trailer's suspension during loading/unloading. Gas shock activation and positive lock-down mechanism make the MFRAL32 a reliable and easy to use product. The simple operation promotes continued use of the restraint by the dock attendant. Its fully mechanical design makes the restraint easy to both install and maintain.

The MFRAL32 Vehicle restraint provides a 10.5" lowered height. It is a non-impact design with an operating range of 10.5" to 28.5" and a restraining capacity of 32,000 lb.

MFRSA32 Vehicle Restraint - Loading Dock Equipment - Pentalift
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