The modern loading dock area is often one of the busiest areas of any facility. With trucks coming and going throughout the day safety at the loading dock is an important area of consideration. One of the most significant contributors to improving safety at the loading dock is a Vehicle Restraint Safety System.

A vehicle restraint safety system serves two primary functions, visual communication between the truck driver and the loading dock attendant and mechanically securing the truck in position during loading and unloading.

Visual communication is achieved by using both exterior and interior signal lights and signs.

An exterior green light signals the truck driver that it is OK to back the truck into position or to leave the loading dock bay. With a truck backed into position an interior red light on the vehicle restraint control panel signals the loading dock attendant that the truck is not secured and the vehicle restraint is then activated.

Vehicle restraints are designed to engage and secure the trucks rear impact guard holding the truck in position preventing an unscheduled departure during loading and unloading.

When the vehicle restraint is activated to engage the outside light turns red signaling the truck driver not to move.  When the restraint’s hooking mechanism raises to engage with the trucks rear impact guard the internal signal light located on the vehicle restraints control panel turns green. The dock attendant then visually confirms proper engagement.  The green light signals the loading dock attendant that the truck is secured and it is safe to begin the loading operation.

If the vehicle restraint is activated and travels through its entire upward travel (not engaging the rear impact guard properly), an audible buzzer sounds signaling that the truck is not secured and the interior light remains red. The loading dock attendant restraints the truck by alternate means (wheel chocks) and then turns the selector switch on the control panel from engage to override. In the override position the amber light illuminates on the control panel signaling load with caution

Pentalift offers 6 different models of Vehicle Restraint Safety Systems to choose from.

The link shows the 6 different models of Pentalift vehicle restraints available and each model has a descriptive video.

For assistance in selecting a vehicle restraint safety system for your loading dock area please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.