In the closed, stored position the dock leveler deck assembly is level from side to side with the buildings finished floor.

The majority of trucks that back into the loading dock usually arrive with the truck bed level to the facility floor and dock leveler platform; the dock leveler is cycled and the extended lip rests level on the bed of the truck, loading/unloading begins.

In some conditions the truck bed will not be level with the finished floor; this could be caused for various reasons including but not limited to; a temporary buildup of snow or ice under one side of the trucks rear wheels, the truck / trailer could be loaded more to one side of the truck bed or there could be a permanent uneven exterior grade causing one side of the truck bed to be higher than the other.

With a non-level truck in position the dock leveler is cycled, the deck raises, the lip extends and the platform with the extended lip lowers until contact is made with one side of the lip and the truck bed.

Without deck cant a gap is created between the low side of the truck bed and the extended lip assembly. This gap creates a potential trip hazard, a potential pinch point and could cause damage to the product or the material handling equipment used during the loading/unloading of the truck.

Pentalift dock leveler deck assemblies are designed to twist or flex laterally to accommodate unlevel truck beds, providing up to 4” of deck cant on either side to ensure that the extended lip assembly rests flat on the bed of the truck. The rear of the dock leveler deck remains flat and level with the finished floor.

In some cases (especially with higher capacity dock levelers), the dock leveler may not cant until the load is driven across the platform.

The ability for the deck assembly with the extended lip to laterally flex up to 4” on either side keeping the lip tight to the non-level truck bed is referred to as dock leveler deck cant.

This link shows a hydraulic dock leveler video; at the 4:14 minute mark of the video demonstrates Pentalift dock leveler deck cant in operation.

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