In a production environment material handling equipment is used to keep the product moving. In a Distribution Center/ Fulfillment Center materials handling equipment is used to both move and temporarily store products. Materials handling equipment covers a broad range of products, most familiar are lift trucks, cranes, racking and shelving, conveyors, work positioners and loading dock equipment.

For 35+ years Pentalift has been recognized as a leader in designing and manufacturing a number of categories of materials handling products.

It all begins at the loading dock area. Regardless of whether it’s Shipping or a Receiving function the materials handling begins with the loading or unloading of product at the loading dock area. There are 3 primary product groups of materials handling equipment used at the loading dock area. These 3 product groups are dock levelers, vehicle restraint safety systems and dock seals.

The dock leveler is a vertically adjustable hinged ramp designed to provide a smooth transition for a lift truck or pallet truck from the building floor to the truck bed at the loading dock area. The vertical adjustment of the dock leveler allows it to accommodate varying truck bed heights. Dock levelers are most often installed in a recessed pit and are flush with the floor when in the closed, stored position.

Vehicle restraint safety systems are designed to mechanically lock a truck/trailer in the proper parked position during loading/unloading and also to provide visual safety related communication to the truck driver and the loading dock attendant. Vehicle restraint systems greatly enhance safety at the loading dock.

The majority of dock seals are a compression design providing a gasket type seal between the sides and top of the parked trailer and the building wall conserving energy costs. In addition dock seals improve employee comfort, morale and productivity by providing a comfortable temperature work environment. Dock seals also increase safety by minimizing snow or rain blowing into the building which can create slippery floors at the loading dock area.

For additional information on Pentalift’s extensive product line of Materials Handling Equipment please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.