Well maintained loading dock equipment is very important to keep a consistent product flow in and out of an industrial facility.

Establishing a Planned Maintenance Program that covers equipment inspection, lubrication, cleaning and any adjustments that may be required will keep the loading dock area operating efficiently and safely. In addition to the maintenance requirements a visual structural inspection of the dock leveler platform, rear hinges and lip assembly will monitor the structural integrity of the loading dock equipment.

The suggested frequency of the loading dock PM program is based upon the usage of the equipment. For example loading dock equipment at a 24/7 Distribution Center will require more scheduled maintenance than loading dock equipment at a 5 day a week single shift operation.

Routine daily maintenance can be performed by qualified personnel and if more complex work is required contact a local loading dock equipment specialist.  Record keeping is also very important. Record and safely store the dock leveler model and serial number for future reference and maintain copies of all service work completed per dock position.

A successful dock maintenance program starts with a daily visual inspection. Remove any debris from dock leveler lip hinge spools. If the building is equipped with vehicle restraints clean any debris, snow or ice away from the operating components to assure the best performance and to prevent a potential false signal.

Don’t forget the unseen; debris regularly accumulates in the dock leveler pit. During the scheduled PM inspections the recommended PM criteria should also include a thorough cleaning of any debris that has accumulated in the pit. In applications in which dirt a debris accumulation occur quickly “in house” cleaning procedures can and should be implemented.

Trained loading dock attendants are essential to maintain a safe and efficient loading dock area. Assure that all loading dock attendants fully understand the Instructions that pertain to the equipment as identified in the Owner’s Manual, product labelling and instruction placards applicable to the equipment supplied.

Loading dock safety and efficiency is everybody’s business. For 35+ years Pentalift has innovated and improved the operation and safety of loading dock equipment. For additional information on Pentalift Loading Dock Equipment please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.